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On the Cusp of Hereafter

Patience is so hard when it is super close to a release day! When I reached the end of this novel, I sighed with the biggest relief! Adopting Ray Bradbury's philosophy (that he doesn't really plot because how can you surprise the reader if you haven't surprised yourself), it is always a huge release when everything clicks tight into place and I've succeeded in surprising myself. In the beginning of writing this novel, I was concerned about the two leading characters, apprehensive to see if they would step up to bat, if you will. Struggling not to give anything away, I will tell you that they hit this one out of the park!

So coming back to Patience, I adore Hereafter and can not wait to share but to be so close holds a lot of lessons I need to learn. In this area mistakes can be made in haste, so although I want to hit that ready to publish button, I am teaching myself to take a breath and proof it again. Then another breath and proof it again.

One thing I did this time, different from the others, I had Beta Readers and friends checking this one out. As many eyes on this novel as I could, was the idea. Enter Most Sublime ( a close friend) on Twitter. She came into my life after reading Ghost Light and we got to talking and I read a lot of her blog posts and this gal is talented to the max and funny as all get out! She was the first fan to get her hands on Hereafter and she said something I was not expecting. She felt one of the characters' from Yonder was a little lack luster and missing what we had come to know him as. She suggested either I give him more time in this novel or cut him. That one suggestion got me thinking and I actually wrote a scene for this guy. It ended up being one of my favorite scenes in Hereafter. If you haven't read this gal's blog, I strongly say that, “You are missing out!” Here is a link so you can follow her. She is constantly sought out to read, review and do author Q&As.

I also had some amazing, amazing Beta Readers. Some in the UK, Canada, Spain, different states- they all had wonderful feedback. I am so blessed to have these guys! They read with a pure passion and care so deeply. If I won the lottery I would fly to where they were and take them all out to dinner, twice!

Because of these guys, I no longer fear that the characters didn't stay true to themselves.

I am currently waiting on a another proof to ship to me, one with the cover lightened. I am so happy I ordered the printed proof, it didn't seem too dark on the computer.

In closing, I will tell you this: at the back of Hereafter, there is a preview for the third book, Beyond. I am planning and hope to have Beyond out around Halloween. I am also planning to give Ghost Light a new cover, one that hints a bit more to romance. Also I am in the works of the sequel to Ghost Light. I have received so much feedback from fans about how they want – demand the losing brother to have his happy ending, wither it is a happy ending or which brother... my lips are sealed.

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