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Yonder Released!
Yonder - A Southern Haunting Trilogy- Book One, has been release as a paperback. eBook version should follow in a week or so.  
Local Author Showcase at Burbank Library
Featured Ghost Light with Limited Edition signed and numbered copies.


I can't thank everyone enough for coming out to the showcase! I was touched by the great turnout and had a beautiful blast.





Yonder gets five stars from Reader's Favorite!


Reviewed by Tracy Slowiak for Readers' Favorite

Can you say love? That’s the way I felt about the novel Yonder, the newest offering by author LeeAnne Hanson. Set in pre-WWII Southern Mississippi, this story is the perfect balance of spooky, romantic, fun and heartwarming, and I truly could not have enjoyed it more. In it we find Isabel Delilah Jones, newly returned from New York City to be with her father while he is dying. Dealing with heartbreak of her own, she finds herself also needing to figure out a strange inheritance, attempt to play peacemaker between two former friends, and deal with a haunting from a young child. A child that seems to have a message that might help her figure out the answer to a mystery only she will be able to unravel.

This was such an enchanting read, and I enjoyed it from its front cover through to the last page. I read Yonder all at once, rushing through it with delighted glee. LeeAnne Hanson has a true gift with language, her descriptions of the South in this time period were spot on, and the way she developed the characters will have you truly caring about each of them. There are some steamy scenes as well, and they were exceptionally well done. Yonder will appeal to any reader who loves romance, mystery, intrigue, ghost stories, stories of the South or who just plain loves a good book. I, for one, am thrilled that this book is the first in a series, and simply cannot wait for LeeAnne Hanson’s next book!


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