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A Southern Haunting - Book Two


Forced to live and run a business with a woman who shattered his heart years ago, and without his father's help, Charles' life is far from ideal. Renown as a ladies' man, Charles now finds himself coming up short on women, charm and even dead bodies for his mortuary. He knows who is to blame for all this, even if he hasn't the slightest idea why she is causing him so much torment ...

Samantha has been given a second chance even though she knows that she does not deserve one. Now haunted by her past, she fled from a life she was desperate to escape, only to collide with the man who once held her heart but now wishes nothing but to crush it. Has she just run from a smoldering fire to an even deadlier one?

As the night grows darker and storms brew on the horizon, both Charles and Samantha realize that the past is not an easy ghost to shake and the future is rarely predictable

-At times, Samantha reminded me of Bronte’s Jane Eyre as she navigates the great house of which she’s now part-owner; tries to understand the inexplicable hostility of the servants; and ponders locked doors, strange sounds and a bedroom window that opens of its own accord...This is a beautifully written and superbly plotted tale which should thrill lovers of Gothic romance and southern fiction alike

- James Magnum, Reader's Favorite


-I absolutely loved this read! I fell in love with these characters even more in this book than I did in Yonder, which I adored. The story keeps you guessing and when you think you know where it is all headed she gives you a twist you didn't see coming. Definitely can't wait for the next book in this series.

- Amazon Customer


The haunting in Hereafter is a lot more subtle than in Yonder, and I liked how it was incorporated into the story. I enjoyed the subtlety and I thought it worked very well with being a "lighter" haunting as there is a bit more darkness in the main story line

- Nerdish Mum

-I must say that I did not see that ending coming! Ms. Hansen is very adept at making the reader feel things. You can feel the unbearable heat and humidity of Mississippi in the summer. Especially at a time when air conditioning was unheard of. Your heart will be touched by the things Samantha has endured in her life. You will smell the flowers that aren't really there and feel the music that mysteriously plays on its a little bit sexy, a little bit sultry, a little bit (or more!) spooky and a "lotta" bit addictive

- Books, Books and More Books  


LeeAnne does a great job developing her characters that you can't help but fall in love with!


- Amazon Customer






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